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Commercial Lights

Precise Lighting Store offers you one of the best lighting experiences in the world. Our products are not only durable but also cost-effective for home installations, offices and industrial houses.

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From lighting poles erected for parking lots to conventional red Exit signs, check out Preciselighting and see the huge selection of commercial light fixtures available for different types of application, both outdoors and indoors. We stock the top quality commercial lighting products on the market so that we can give you the solutions you need for your lighting needs. Our commercial lights provide a modern and unique look for an office or business environment, and they make any space or area brighter with illumination that is equally distributed, which result in visual lighting that is well-balanced and comfortable to the eyes. Surface mount commercial lighting fixtures can be attached to a ceiling via chain and they works well in transitional areas like walk-in closets, foyers, and, hallways as well as art exhibits. Suspended linear lighting works well in office or retail spaces and is available in T5, T8 and LED options to create attractive and pleasing lighting in different sizes and style. Commercial lighting fixtures employ a linear prism design best for big interior spaces such as government buildings, schools, hospitals, military bases and other institutional structures. Improve safety with a commercial light designed to brighten up dark walkways, entrance and exit areas. We also have durable canopy lights that can with stand the unfriendly weather elements and widely varying temperatures which can be used in stairwells, public garages, and underpasses and are also built to resist the threat of vandalism. Our commercial lights are also built for use in parking lots and for streets light which can be can be found in LED, metal halide, induction, and high-pressure sodium formats.
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